Hotel Asmara Palace
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Hotel Asmara Palace, located 2 km from Asmara International Airport, is mixed with traditional Eritrean hospitality and a modern urban feel. With affordable and comfortable utilities, all guests can enjoy the facilities and the unique comfort that it offers.

We feature a number of various restaurant outlets, bars and a one of a kind executive lounge. The premises also has a wide range of recreational activities that guests can use in their leisure time.

Hotel Asmara Palace is conveniently situated 4 km away from the effervescent downtown of Asmara. Structured on 47,000 metric square it is also adjacent to the Exhibition Center (Expo ) and the United Nations Headquarters.

Hotel Asmara Palace
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Where Eritrean hospitality meets luxury. We are to cater to your needs and more. Visit Hotel Asmara Palace for your next stay and let us make it unforgettable.